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Spotty got to well-earned rest




At the moment, Spotty is 16 years old, in a very good shape and very playful. He can run in the forest with (ahead of) the girls. His hearing, though, is not what it used to be, even measured with the usual bad hearing of Jack Russells:o).
And he seems to be suffering from missing all the action on account of not hearing the door when someone enters. The girls make it to the door on time to steal the show. We all wish Spotty many healthy years, and after that we wish we have the wisdom and courage the let him pass with dignity, as he has lived.
Spotty is my first Jack Russell and bought just like one should never get a dog… There was an add in the sunday paper of Jack Russells for sale and we had to go and see them. The breed sounded unfamiliar and the breeder lived close by. In my defence I have to say that we had already decided to get a dog. There had been a few years since we had had one and our children were 4,8 and 11 years old, so no very small children…

So it was settled already when little Spotty  waddled to meet us in the garden… and when we were leaving he already wanted to come home with us. Two minutes of negotiating and we agreed to pick Spotty up the following day.

In my childhood’s home, we had a Fox-terrier that was in fashion in the 1960´s… Snappish and surly, loved to grab men’s trousers, so the image I had of a terrier was realistic if nothing else.
However, Spotty turned out to be social and quick to learn, a wonderful dog. Spotty loves agility. We did it for a couple of years, but never with great ambition. We also attended some unofficial shows, governed by the breed-union. And we got in to the breed straight with those results, when Jack Russells became registered.
Spotty has four litters.