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Fearless Faith of Jack's Paradise

born 5.8.2001
broken t/w
height:27 cm
breeder: kennel Jack's Paradise, Holland

Eyes and knees checked, both OK

Pipsa KoiraNet -tietokannassa

Pipsa is a small, feisty dog that came to us from the Netherlands, from Jacks Paradise Kennel after a six months wait. I had hoped for one that Id be able to take to shows and breed, but the most important thing was to get a new family member as a mate for Spotty.

Pipsa was diagnosed with a small tailknick when she was about four months. That obviously stopped her going to shows. One certification was nonetheless achieved.
tailknick has not interfered with her life at all, we have done loads of stuff afterwards: Agility (of witch Pipsa did not like at all) and various courses - chanterelledog-course, klicking-course and naturally some obedience-courses.

Most of all she loves to do tricks, of which we have quite an impressive inventory. During the summer her time is divided at our summer-house between swimming and chasing the local squirrels (which Pipsa and squirrels has made quite the sport of).

Pipsa is now eight and a true herd-leader, although a very fair leader she is. She would love nothing more than to lead the whole family and sometimes she looks at me like shes pondering ways to overthrow me. This in mind, the obedience practises really come in handy.

Pipsas time to go with the winds came in march -15, she had a cancer tumor in her. She was our beloved little girl and we miss her alot. We have our memories, she had her own place in out family...... Not longer by my side, but forever in my heart.

Pipsa has one litter, of which Wimppa is the show-dog Pipsa would have been. 


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