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Busy Bumblebee of Jack's Paradise

born  23.3.2004
broken t/w
height: 27cm
breeder: kennel Jack's Paradise, Holland

Eyes and knees cheked several times 2005-2010,both OK

Lissu at DogNet database

When we wanted to have a second female, it was obvious to me that the first place I’d ask was Jack’s Paradise - kennel in Holland.
We waited Lissu for a long time, almost a year, and finally the summer of -04 I brought her home.  Her bravery and openness convinced me right away and during the first months her structure developed beautifully and I was very pleased to her!
I decided her name myself and although I didn’t know anything of her personality, Bumblebee sounded fitting. “Omen est nomen” once again and Lissu grew up to be the Busy Bumblebee that is always on the move and always exploring.

Until one day her nature almost took her life.
She went running after a moped and caught it, with the consequences of her being thrown several meters in the air by the moped’s back wheel. So we went to vet for first aid, where she started waking up and we noticed the pressure in her brain had risen on account of
cerebral haemorrhage.  Luckily we were able to get her a place in the animal hospital in Helsinki, where we drove her as quickly as possible, certain that we would get there too late.   But we made it in time and Lissu was immediately taken in to intensive care. Our hopes were pretty slim, because she was in such a bad condition. But, as days went by, little by little she started to make progress and after a week in the hospital we got to take her home to recover.

The rehabilitation-process was long and sometimes our faith was close to running out, but our little Bumblebee showed what Jack Russels are made of and during the fall we got our Lissu back. Physically she was healthy, but her character was left lacking the will to explore and the open minded approach to strange situations. For example, before the accident she loved to go to shows, but no more did she feel comfortable going. We managed to get her the FIN CH-title, but after that we have concentrated on other activities.
Fall -06 Lissu had her first litter and was exemplary in raising them to meet the world.

I would have never thought this story having such a happy ending, we are truly grateful for Lissu’s “comeback”, and if possible, she means more to us now than ever before. We take great joy in watching her play with other dogs and chasing rodents with the same enthusiasm as before.
Maybe axiomatic to others, but something very special to us.


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